• Participation 參與

Everyone is welcome to participate and join. A platform depends on its members. Contact us about any ideas, thoughts or projects regarding tea or related areas. Share your personal and individual experiences, your way of tea, inspiring texts and images. You have a story to tell or some breaking tea news? Or maybe you are planning an event, a workshop or simply a dinner and feel like tea could interact with it. Maybe you are a shop or institute and want to collaborate. Do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

  • Why 為何

Tea somehow changed our life and has a huge impact on the way we interact with the world – and of course, we simply love tea! We have had so many beautiful moments with tea and received so much motivating feedback. Since tea centers around everything, it is obvious to share these thoughts and experiences.

  • What 什麼

It is all about tea! Medium:Tee displays different perspectives and approaches, but all have one thing in common – they have tea in their heart!  There is no right, and there is no wrong either. This platform is about to inform, connect and enhance in which mysterious and fascinating ways tea can reappear in different disciplines of life, as well as different disciplines of life reappear in tea. It regards itself to be independent.

  • Goal 理想

Our goal definitely is to connect like minded people with an open heart, eager to explore the vast potential in the world of tea. While supporting the growth of the tea world and raise awareness of its beauty and aesthetics, Medium:Tee also aims to develop and encourage related events and projects. Feel free to contact us about any ideas! Let’s make the world more “teaish”!

  • Topics 議題

We try to cover as many different areas as possible, but rather focus on essential thoughts and concepts than on technical aspects. A key idea is to present authentic Asian insights which are barely available in western areas, as well as new and refreshing ways of spiritual, casual and data orientated western tea culture which is hardly witnessed in eastern regions. The multi-national and cultural task will naturally lead to a healthy mixture of different languages. Don’t feel excluded, rather feel free to ask!

  • Who we are 誰

We are what normally is referred  to as so called “Tea People” – 茶人 – chárén – , or anyone who wants to become a “Tea Guy” one day, or simply everyone who is regularly and consciously enjoying tea, as well as anyone who is carrying tea in their heart! A sometimes rather delicate issue is the question of “Teachers” and “Students”. It is important to learn and develop, so respect and appreciate the people you are learning from, but keep in mind, “The Way of Tea” consists of tea, nature, awareness, tea people, friends, enjoyment and enlightenment but not of teachers or sellers and students or buyers.