Tea Travel Through Life, Yunnan 2018 生命之茶遊 – 2018年雲南

Well, here it is. There are no words to explain this trip and its learnings, the true essence of life and tea, but we hope this images might give you a glimpse about whats out there: Love, Beauty, Truth, Naturalness, Gratitude and Hope!

無話可形容的一趟行程 – 只能說一聲謝謝!茶 – 生活 – 愛 – 美 – 真實 – 道理 – 自然 – 感恩 – 希望!

Or as the lyrics go: There are only a few hideaways for desire. Forget about empty dreams, departure for this peaceful and uncomplicated place, maybe there it is more warmly, maybe there is less pain!



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