First Advent – First Snow in Potsdam 聖誕季節的開頭


今天是歐洲聖誕季節的開頭,我和朋友們一同在波茨坦迎接冬天的第一場飄雪,正式和雪白白的來臨打聲招呼。如此就幾位好友齊聚一堂, 平靜悠懶地坐在一起喝幾杯好茶(福鼎老白茶、台灣杉林溪、福建的岩茶、南投紅玉紅茶)配上日本朋友手工親做的抹茶巧克力和自己現烤熱騰騰的栗子,樸實卻有深度,幸福到位。

如今在這個便捷高科技、物質取向和結果論為主的現實世界裡,人們容易忘記「當下」的感受在對於人或朋友、慢活或事物的價值和美 、心靈層面的撫慰或正能量。

Advent (聖誕季節) 也可說是對茶的一種象徵,它們有著相似的根本精神,讓人們重新著重眼前的幸福和快樂,意識的激發,享受並感激具意義價值之事!

First Advent – Christmas season officially started. First snow in Potsdam is falling, accompanied by friends, great tea (Fu Ding Old White Tea, Taiwanese Shanlinxi, Fujian Rock Tea, Nantou Red Jade ), a free mind, handmade Matcha-chocolate and roasted chestnuts – simple but meaningful. In a result-driven world full of numbers and rush, we often tend to forget the “moment” itself. We forget the importance of people, friends, feelings, beauty, attentiveness, and real values. The spirit of Advent (Christmas) is very similar to tea. It reminds us on gratefulness of the present, teaches us awareness and makes us enjoy what is really important in life.


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